Go4Ethnic- An Indian Ethnic Marketplace


Go4Ethnic is an online marketplace for all major categories of Indian ethnic products, arts and handicrafts and is proud to present a great variety of handloom and textile products which exhibit magnificent diversity and colour vibrancy in ethnic apparel together with grace, style, elegance, simplicity and classic soulful touch of rich cultural heritage from different regions of India.

Go4Ethnic’s inception started with an idea for bringing the essence of culture and tradition in the form of arts, handicrafts, and textiles from the very heart of Indian villages to the modern world. The founders Anil Sharma and Nimisha Sharma share the vision to empower, nurture and preserve the age-old crafts from the roots of Indian Continent.

Go4Ethnic’s founding philosophy is to bring and showcase the myriad collection of different art forms together with wide range of textiles, handlooms and ethnic apparel to global audiences, Go4Ethnic aims to partner with a large number of skilled, talented artisans and craftspeople from all over India to showcase their products on the global platform.

Go4Ethnic at its very essence has the core mantra of Happy Artisans, Happy Merchants, and Happy Customers. We strive to create global opportunities for Artisans to help them build a sustainable business from their artistic creations. Ourmission to create a more reliable, affordable and user-friendly global marketplace for ethnic products.

We invite you all to be a part of this family and celebrate the variety and diversity of hand-crafted traditions of art and culture in-exuberant spirit and vitality. Go live date for Go4Ethnic portal www.go4ethnic.com will be announced soon. 

Each and every artistic creation has a unique story to be shared. The act of crafting is a reflection of grace, skill, faith, and creativity. Please stay tuned for more exciting stories on artisans, craftspeople, and their artistic creations.

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Nimisha Sharma
Nimisha Desai Sharma is an Indian writer who grew up in Mumbai. She developed a strong penchant for writing since her childhood. She has written more than 80 poems and continues to write articles and blogs on topics related to travel, health and fitness, spirituality, and Indian traditions and culture. Nimisha loves to take her readers on a joy ride through the incredible spiritual land of India. She is a voracious reader, and innovator who loves to grab every opportunity to learn new things. Nimisha's favorite den is a library and loves to surround herself with books. Her recreational hobbies include listening to music, reading, painting, and going on nature trails. Nimisha makes her home in Calgary, Canada with her family. She is a Nature admirer and a spiritual person who strongly believes in simple living and high thinking.


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