19 Heartfelt Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Lockdown


Mother’s are the ultimate givers of life, love, lessons and more. It is rightly said, God cannot be at all places so He made Mother for every child. Mother’s are God’s angels who protect their kids in all ages and at all times. Today is the chance to share your heartfelt gratitude, love and thoughtful expressions to your mom. Let your mom know how much you care and love her. With the pandemic restrictions in place, how would you like to celebrate and honor her during the lockdown? This year, Mother’s Day celebrations are going to be different but can be made very memorable.

Here are some ideas to make your mom feel very special.

How to celebrate Mother’s day at home with your mom?

  • Make her a delicious breakfast
  • Watch her favorite movie together
  • Give her a beautiful handmade note. List all reasons you love her
  • Give her a special home spa treatment such as facial, manicure or pedicure
  • Make mom a beautiful handmade gift
  • Do some gardening with her
  • Bake pastries or cookies together
  • Record a video with her, take her interview and create sweet memories
  • Cook her favorite dish for dinner together
  • Flip through the family album and chat on the happy moments
  • Throw a surprise party at home with your dad and siblings. Make your mom’s favorite cuisine. Make her day special with utmost love and care, combined with fun-filled surprise
  • Play her favorite indoor game together
  • Learn a new craft or skill together

Ideas for virtual celebrations:

If you are front line workers working hard to support neighborhood communities during the pandemic, your mom is proud for you. For all our brave hearts, we express our deep gratitude for your services during this testing times. While on the other hand, some of you are placed at a different locations in a different household. Even if your mom is miles away, celebrate mother’s day in a digital way.

  • Chat with her on video or phone call
  • Throw a virtual tea party with her
  • Share a virtual craft or cooking lesson. Let her teach you favorite family recipes or some of her favorite craft items. After all this is the best time to learn some family traditions.
  • Get charitable – Make a donation for a cause that resonates with your mom or which supports mother’s or women in general
  • Create a memories slideshow. Select some best pics and create a video with apps like Movavi. Take her on virtual trip down memory lane
  • Gift her a coupon, subscription or membership that she will love

Do drop a comment which idea you liked the most? I would love to hear how did you celebrate this day with your Mom.

No matter whatever you do, make sure you say, “ Mom, I Love You”.  Wish you all Happy Mother’s Day!

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